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Our family has been actively involved in Brandeis Marin for over 20 years. The education our daughters received and the community we all became part of are special to us and play a very important role in Jewish communal life in Marin County.

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Rose Barlow
'09, '11
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The Brandeis Marin Revenue chart, showing 77% Tuition, 18% Giving, and 5% Investments.
The Brandeis Marin expenses chart, showing 80% Teacher & Staff, 14% Future-Ready Programs, 5% Facilities, and 1% Technology..
Teachers & Staff
Future-Ready Programs




Brandeis Marin annual revenue, showing 20% from Giving, 3% from Investment, and 77% from Tuition.


Brandeis Marin annual expenses, showing 77% for Compensation & Benefits, 16% for Program & Administration, 6% for Facilities & Equipment, and 1% for Technology.
Figures from 2022-2023 school operating budget
Ways To Give

Support Brandeis Marin by making a contribution online, through a Donor-Advised Fund, gift of stock, or other methods.

Brandeis Marin enjoys 100% participation among our parents, faculty, and trustees because they know that 100% participation strengthens our sense of solidarity and improves our positioning for foundation grants.

Our general funds, the Brandeis Fund and the Martin and Vanessa Friedman General Fund go directly to supporting Brandeis Marin’s most urgent needs.


Give Online


Employer Matching Gift Program


Donor-Advised Fund

I support the school through my donor-advised fund (DAF). My three siblings and I each established a DAF. We each feel more empowered to give from individual DAFs. It is also an advantageous way of giving appreciated stock and contributing in amounts that feel right for us.

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Martin Lowenstein
'20, '22, '26

Make a Gift from Your Donor-Advised Fund

If you have questions about Donor-Advised Funds, you can contact Devin Jack-Haber, Admissions and Advancement Coordinator, or Peg Sandel, Head of School.

Legal Name
Brandeis-Hillel Day School-Marin
Tax ID
EIN 47-1253063

Devin Jack-Haber, Admissions and Advancement Coordinator

(415) 472-1833

Gift of Stock

If you would like to give via securities, please follow the instructions below, and thank you in advance for your generosity.

First, notify school Admissions and Advancement Coordinator, Devin Jack-Haber, or our Head of School, Peg Sandel, of your intention and then instruct your broker to transfer the stock to the Brandeis School account at TD Ameritrade.

Provide the name of the stock and the number of shares being transferred. Also, state your intention to donate the shares to Brandeis Marin.

DTC Instructions for Stock Transfers

TD Ameritrade Institutional
DRT #: 0188TD Ameritrade Account: #936058072
Account Name: Brandeis Hillel Day School - Marin
Tax ID Number: EIN  47-1253063

If you are gifting a mutual fund, your broker will need to contact TD Ameritrade’s transfer department to receive the specific house account number (fund-specific house account number). Please also ask your broker to advise our broker at Beacon Pointe, Mitch Hughes. Thank you!

Devin Jack-Haber, Admissions and Advancement Coordinator

(415) 472-1833

Mitch Hughes, Broker

(949) 478-7423

For me, a gift of stock is a no-brainer because when I donate appreciated stock, I get a tax write-off. To click and download a credit card may be easy, but calling my broker is just as easy and I get the tax benefit. Whether it’s stock transfer or DAF, they both have tax advantages.

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Martin Friedman
'13, '16

IRA Charitable Rollover

Devin Jack-Haber, Admissions and Advancement Coordinator

(415) 472-1833

The IRA Charitable Rollover allows taxpayers age 70½ or older to transfer up to $100,000 annually from their IRA accounts directly to charity without first having to recognize the distribution as income.

If you are interested in this unique opportunity to help further our mission, or if you have any questions, please contact Devin Jack-Haber, our Admissions and Advancement Coordinator, Peg Sandel, Head of School.

Brandeis Marin is a pillar of the Marin Jewish community. It has Jewish values and does a great job of integrating Jewish history and culture to its studies. It has produced citizens of the world and is an incredible tool for growing and strengthening community in Marin.

We support Brandeis Marin by contributing from a donor-advised fund or an IRA. Instead of making a gift with a credit card or writing a check, it’s certainly easier to take money out of your IRA because it’s tax free, and you can take a tax deduction.

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Sandy Stadtler
'94, '98

Legacy Giving

Legacy giving can cost nothing during your life, and yet be such a powerful way to support Brandeis Marin. Making a planned gift helps to ensure Brandeis Marin’s long-term welfare while providing you with valuable tax and income benefits.

How to make a planned gift

Complete your planned gift to Brandeis Marin by adding a single sentence to your will or living trust:
I give to Brandeis Marin, a nonprofit corporation currently located at 180 N. San Pedro Rad, San Rafael, CA 94903, or its successor thereto, [Written amount or percentage of the estate or description of property] for its unrestricted use and purpose.
For more information, download this form.

Legal Name

Brandeis Hilleil Day School-Marin

Tax ID

EIN 47-1253063

Spring Simcha '24

Devin Jack-Haber, Admissions and Advancement Coordinator

(415) 472-1833

Peg Sandel has been at the helm from the beginning, forging a new path in the startup years of Brandeis as an independent school and overcoming the challenges of the pandemic. From propelling our curriculum to the cutting edge to reorganizing our institution to better meet the needs of our families and students, Peg has left an indelible mark on our community.

This gala is not only a celebration of Peg's outstanding contributions but also an opportunity to ensure that her legacy continues to inspire and impact generations to come. Join us in honoring her vision, dedication, and the profound difference she has made in our school and the Greater Bay Area Jewish community. Together, we can support her mission and shape a brighter future for our students and society at large.

Did you hear?
Simcha 23 raised over $350,000 to support teacher compensation, enhanced curriculum and programming, infrastructure improvements, and so much more.
Let's do it again!

Add your name to the growing list of sponsors celebrating Peg Sandel, Brandeis Marin, and a community that spans the Bay Area.

Also accepting gifts via donor-advised funds, appreciated stock, and checks. Contact Devin Jack-Haber for details.

Thank you to our 2022-2023 Brandeis Marin Honor Roll

See the parents, faculty, trustees, and community members that supported Brandeis Marin this year.

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